Monday, July 4, 2011

Brother rapes his sister – Shocking Video

Brother rapes his sister – Shocking Video. The most recent scam to hit Facebook is one I’m honestly shocked people click on. It’s just like the scam that pretended to offer a video of a dad walking in on his daughter while she’s on a webcam with her boyfriend. It has the same fake age verification required to view the video, but this scam is a little more macabre.

The scam will appear in your News Feed as a post by a friend called “Brother rapes and kills his sister – Shocking Video -.” The description reads “WARNING: For mature audiences 0nly.” Sure, once I see that there’s a warning, I am automatically curious about why, which is probably what entices people to click on the video in the first place but seriously — this one seems absurdly violent! Would you really want to see someone get raped then killed? Scammers are getting even more twisted.

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