Wednesday, July 13, 2011

INSANE: Brother Rapes And Kills His Sister - Shocking Video

INSANE: Brother Rapes And Kills His Sister - Shocking Video. Brother rapes and kills his sister – Shocking Video -
WARNING: For mature audiences 0nly.

Poland United Kingdom Romania United States Brother Rapes And Kills His Sister - Shocking Video. Serial killers — you’d be hard-pressed to spot them in a crowd. They look just like everyone else. In fact, most of them are soft-spoken and polite. Their monstrous nature comes through only when you delve deeper into their personalities, actions and habits.

Reading the gruesome tales of serial killers sends a chill up the spine. Most of them seem to have had a dysfunctional family setting and were abused as children — emotionally, sexually or verbally. It’s as if this activates some psychological trigger in their minds, increasing the feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness, and causing them to seek out their own heinous form of release.

There have been hundreds of serial killers in the history of America, and there are a few that tend to stay in the minds of citizens, becoming “famous.”

Here are just a few of the (in)famous serial killers that have walked the streets of our nation, in no particular order. There may be many others that are notorious or have killed more people, but we picked a few of the more famous killers that truly shocked us.

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